Tony Ortega is a former reporter and editor for alternative news weeklies. For all appearances, he is unemployed, occasionally posting a freelance story, but otherwise apparently unable to hold a job even in that strata of the journalistic community because of his personal obsessions. He blogs full-time from his “underground bunker” (a New York City apartment he shares with his girlfriend) while watching middle age chip away at what is left of his life.

No More Village, No More Voice: The Fall of Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega

When Tony Ortega lost his job as editor of Village Voice in September 2012, it was more than a humiliating demotion. It was an unceremonious descent into obscurity, an involuntary downsizing to a computer in a New York apartment, spinning stories and strangling truth on a little-read and virtually incomprehensible weblog.

Before being booted from the Voice, besides being known (and widely ridiculed within and without his own industry) for his obsession with writing biased and misleading stories about the Scientology religion, Ortega was notorious as the poster boy for sex trafficking ads. He planted cover stories that ran in the 14 papers of the Village Voice Media chain, using

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On The Run for Some Income

When Tony Ortega left The Village Voice in September 2012, The New York Observer disclosed that he lost his job as Editor-in-Chief for neglecting his duties in favor of his personal daily rants against Scientology. It even got so bad that one staffer at the Voice complained that, “‘He was increasingly obsessed with Scientology and had neglected almost all of his editorial duties at the paper,’ the ex-staffer said. ‘Sometimes he wouldn’t even edit features.’” (See

Likewise, called him “almost obsessive” about Scientology, and it reported, “Sources told Capital that both the newsroom and the sales side of the Voice had become increasingly uncomfortable with the volume of Scientology coverage Ortega was churning out. ‘We thought it

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Was Arielle Silverstein a Paid Source for Tony Ortega?

Arielle Silverstein, whose Anonymous identity is Bozuri, was in fact feeding Tony Ortega information for his stories.

“And that’s what we love about him [Tony Ortega]. I met him last week at Janet’s thing and the guy is hilarious. He spent at our table like an hour and it was a competition between him and Larry – who’s got a crazier story.

“Triumph – did you send the video to Tony [Ortega]? He can add an update to his article.” – Bozuri aka Arielle Silverstein, Jul 2011